31 August, 2014
Surfing Lessons Tenerife

Men’s World Championship Tour

Besides the legendary Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang (Indonesia), probably the most important and interesting Surf Contest this month took place from the 15th until the […]
20 August, 2014

New trend for boarders

The wavegarden in Bristol, waves in a river in Germany, “jetsurf “ (surfing with engines) etc. a lot of new trends have come along in the […]
10 August, 2014

A surfinstructor’s opinion

Hey guys! Finally some news from Ajo (Cantabria), the home of our AtlantikSurf Camp. We just began our 3rd week of living, surfing, laughing, skating, together […]
18 July, 2014

No waves, no fun?!?

Surfing, skating, yoga and other activities – we just love it! Well, most of the time. Unfortunatly I have to admit that rainy weather and a […]
30 June, 2014

Yoga & Surf

Why exactly are surfers so much into yoga? What does the “upward facing dog” have to do with my skills on the surfboard? Elisa Fernandez, our […]
19 June, 2014

Golden Surf Rules

Tic toc, tic toc..Time is flying by and I’m almost packing my bags for the Atlantiksurf Camp in Ajo. I’m pretty sure that the surf coaches […]
31 May, 2014

Trip to Cantabria

Summer is calling! I can tell from right here. In the north of the Canary Islands the sea is getting more and more quiet. Perfect for […]
19 May, 2014

Surf in Europe – new documentary

“The Old, the Young & the Sea”, a new documentary about surf, culture, nature and lifestyle in Europe. We all looooove them: Surfvideos! A passionate surfer […]
25 March, 2014

Skating in an old church

What does a surfer when there is no surf? Exactly. Other cool stuff like skating. Not anywhere but in an old church. This church is manages […]
10 March, 2014

Summer is calling

We survived carnival this means summer is comming closer and closer. And sumertime ist surfcamp time!!! Appropriately our beloved Raissa put together some nice surf packages […]
28 February, 2014

News from TAZ Yasin

TAZ working for Pukas In December I already posted that from January on TAZ, the young Tinerfeño, is now working for Kream Boards, a subsidiary company […]
2 February, 2014

1 million signatures to free Bali from its plastic waste

Bye-bye plastic bags on Bali “If Bali doesn’t do something serious about its pollution, it’ll be impossible to surf here in a few years. Worst I’ve […]