Christian Crossing-Taylor

21 March, 2018
Julian Wilson Surfer

Julian Wilson wins the Quicksilver PRO Gold Coast

The first event of the season at Gold Coast Australia has given two Australian finalists: Adrian Buchan (2nd) and Julian Wilson (1st). Julian Wilson took the […]
13 March, 2018

The 2018 WSL Championship is back

Yes, here it is again, the 2018 World Surf League Championship starts a new season at the Quicksilver PRO Gold Coast , and the Roxy PRO Gold […]
27 February, 2018

Which are the Best Surf Movies of All Times?

As everything in life, it’s very hard to choose between things. Which is the best surfing movie of all times? I think it depends on each […]
21 February, 2018

The problems of Surfing in Jamaica

SOME MUSIC FOR THE ARTICLE: Your browser does not support the audio element. Yesterday I came across a wonderful article from in which they interview Ivah […]
19 February, 2018

10 Useful Surfing Trips for Beginners

Try not to learn by yourself: Let’s be honest, didn’t you go to school when you were little? Who taught you to speak and walk? Well […]
6 February, 2018
las americas pro 2018

An emotional Las Américas PRO Tenerife

Las Américas PRO Tenerife, which ended a couple of days ago, awarded Rubén Vitoria (EUK) and Mikaela Greene (AUS) as the 2018 edition winners of this […]
29 January, 2018

Another way of Surfing: Jetsurfing

When the first surfboard was created in Hawaii during the late XVIII century, I’m sure the Hawaiians couldn’t even imagine what was going to happen and […]
22 January, 2018

All ready for Las Américas Pro Tenerife

Just as we announced in September, Professional Surf returns to Tenerife, and this first tournament for the Qualifying Series will start in 7 days, on the […]
9 January, 2018

Quicksilver acquires Billabong

I was astonished to read at the surfertoday magazine that Quicksilver had bought Billabong. Two of the most famous brands in the world of surfing and […]
9 January, 2018

Best Surf Spots in South Tenerife

Are you in South Tenerife and don’t want to come to the north of the island? It’s Ok ! You have plenty of surfing spots in […]
2 January, 2018

Tyler Wright wins the 2017 Surfing World Title

Happy new year and congratulations to Tyler Wright, our new 2017 female champion of the woooooorld ! And as we posted before, Women’s title was even […]
20 December, 2017
Stand-Up Bodyboarding

What happened to Stand-Up Bodyboarding?

First of all, did you know stand-up bodyboarding existed? Haven’t you ever seen a surfer riding on top of his bodyboard? Well, if you haven’t seen […]