Christian Crossing-Taylor

13 July, 2018
Playa de los patos orotava tenerife

5 days of surfing in Tenerife

Today we’de like to recommend a 5 day surfing trip in Tenerife. How would we plan a 5 day super surfing trip to Tenerife? Well let’s […]
9 July, 2018

And he did it again !

Filipe Toledo (Brazil) won the Corona Open J-Bay on Thursday afternoon for the second year in a row. He made 5 of the 10 highest heat […]
28 June, 2018

Who will win the 2018 Corona J-Bay?

Days before the 6th event of the season, and with Kelly Slater‘s return as major news, we need to know what can happen here. We all […]
27 June, 2018

Drones to control Sharks

The other day we were talking about whether or not Shark repellents really work or not? But the thing is that Australia has been testing drones against […]
25 June, 2018

Do Shark Repellents Actually Work?

The ocean is very ironic in a way. It’s a vast, beautiful ecosystem for all creatures to enjoy. It’s also terrifying, especially when you think of […]
12 June, 2018

Brazilian William Cardoso wins At Uluwatu, Bali

As always, surfers are unpredictable. Who thought Willian Cardoso was going to win at Uluwatu when Wilson, Toledo, Ferreira and Medina were so strong? Well the […]
5 June, 2018

The Big Wave Project

Are you amazed by Big Waves? Can’t you stop looking at those videos in Youtube and Facebook? Do you leave everything behind when you are suddenly […]
4 June, 2018

Italo Ferreira wins at Keramas, Bali

Julian Wilson has lost the number 1 ranking after Italo Ferreira won the Keramas contest in Bali. And the Brazilian was just amazing, even asking for […]
28 May, 2018
Mick-Fanning in Bali Keramas

What’s going on in Corona Bali?

The 5th stop in the Championship is in Indonesia, especifically in Keramas, where you can find a good old right wave that perhaps is the strongest […]
22 May, 2018
Nadia Erostarbe

Nadia Erostarbe jumps to 1st position in WSL Junior Ranking

The 4th event of the World Surf League (WSL) European Junior Qualifying Series (JQS), the Junior Pro Biscarrosse, has brought amazing news for the Vasque Country […]
21 May, 2018
Filipe Toledo

Filipe Toledo wins the 2018 Rio Pro

As said by the World Surf League, people see a difference when watching Brazilians cheer, but if you get to see Brazilians watching another Brazilian win […]
20 April, 2018

Eddie Aikau: A surfer’s Lifeguard

The mysterious death of lifeguard and surfer Eddie Aikau 40 years ago is something that many surfers keep talking about today. Born in Hawaii in 1946, […]