7 October, 2015

These kids are better at _____ than you!

Have you been there, too? You’re enjoying practicing your favorite action sport which you’re more or less good at, a 10-year-old kid walks up, steals everyone’s […]
27 September, 2015

Summer’s over. What now?

Like every year around this time summer has finally and inevitably come to an end, the vacations we all had longed for for months are over […]
8 September, 2015

The Beautiful Surfboards of Haleiwa

The Haleiwa Surfboard Company is an authentic hollow wooden surfboard producer from the North Shore of Oahu. Each board they build is unique, defining itself in […]
26 August, 2015

Surfing as a Therapy Treatment?

The fact that surfing feels awesome, makes one go beyond what deemed possible and just might be the best stress release in the universe should not […]
13 August, 2015

Kepa Acero or The Wondrous Life of a Surf Adventurer

Summer is finally here, it’s warm and sunny outside and you are really starting to grow desperate to get back into the waves. No worries though, […]
20 July, 2015

Mick Fanning attacked by a shark at J-Bay

Emotional scenes went down in J-Bay yesterday. Just into the beginning of the final heat of the sixth event of the World Surf League’s Men’s Championship […]
8 July, 2015

10 signs you really need to go back to Ajo this summer (Part 2)

You feel the most comfortable wearing your AS hoodie. You recently noticed yourself more frequently picking your AS hoodie as your preferred clothing item of the […]
24 June, 2015

10 signs you really need to go back to Ajo this summer (Part 1)

1. Your Facebook profile picture is either you on a surfboard, you holding a surfboard or you posing with a surfboard. Developing a passion for something […]
3 June, 2015

Chris Burkard’s life as a surf photographer

„In life, there are no shortcuts to joy. Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer just a little bit.” In his […]